Collegiate Heavy-Duty Utility Collapsible Sports Wagon - University of Florida Team Design

Smart Design University of Florida Heavy-Duty Utility Wagon
Sometimes days outside in the fresh air are as needed as game days. When those days arise, you need this Heavy Duty Collegiate Utility Wagon. The all-terrain design is perfect for carrying items for a tailgate, picnic, or even day at the beach—plus you can show off your school's pride.

Package Includes
Heavy-Duty Utility Wagon
For trips to beach, garden, camping, outdoor sporting events or family outings.

Features and Benefits
Sturdy steel frame construction.
Durable all-terrain wheels.
2 side pockets for extra storage.
Folds for easy storage

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 20.15(L) x 35.5(W) x 22.5(H) inches
Color: Blue & Orange

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