Delicates Wash Bag with Safety Zipper

SKU: 369505


Smart Design Delicates Wash Bags. Delicates Wash Bag with Zipper Closure protects delicates during laundering. The design allows for constant water flow for quick and even drying with 2 reinforced plastic rings to help reduce wrinkles.
The Delicate Wash Bag is great for delicate items, bras, and panties. Simply enclose delicates in the bag and close with the easy pull zipper ring.

The durable material allows for constant water flow, making sure all of the clothing is cleaned thoroughly.
It's strong and secure zipper will keep clothes intact in the washer and dryer.
The hanging loop conveniently allows you to store and hang bag when not in use or as a convenient storage option for your delicates.

Dimensions: 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D x 5 1/2"H
Material: Poly Mesh

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