MagicBag Flat X-Large 6 Pack



Pack items inside MagicBag, zip up bag with the easy grip slider, vacuum out air, and store it.
Your items will remain airtight and protected from season to season.
Airtight one way valve fits almost all vacuum hoses and does not allow air back in.
Double zipper acts as a safety for an airtight seal.
For seasonal clothing, sports garments, jackets, sweaters, comforters, bedding, pillows, & bulky items.

Features & Benefits
MagicBags are reusable and create 3 times more space in your closet, under your bed, in your garage, and just about anywhere.
Keeps your clothes and linens airtight and protected from water, dirt, odors, insects and mildew.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 27.5(L) x 0.1(W) 39.35(H) inches
Bag Count: 6 Bags
Size: Original Flat Extra Large Sizes Included
Each Bag Holds: 1 Queen Size Bedding Sets & 2 Pillows
Color: Clear
Material: Airtight Resin Polymers
Design: Patented Airtight Seal

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