Smart Cloth Scrub Sponge Odorless Antimicrobial Antibacterial - Ultra Absorbent - Soft & Metallic Scrub

SKU: 7083135

Smart Design SmartCloth Antibacterial Scrub Sponges (9 Pack) [Multicolor]
Multiuse antibacterial scrub sponge removes tough messes.
The sponges are machine washable and can last longer than the average sponge.

Package Includes
9 Pack of SmartCloth Antibacterial Scrub Sponges for cleaning messes in the kitchen, bathroom, home, and office settings.
Safe on non-stick surfaces and cookware.

Features and Benefits
Has a metallic scrubber side that cleans away heavy duty messes, oil, dirt, and burn stains.
And a soft side that contains natural antibacterial fibers that help prevent odors.

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