SmartCloth Scrub Sponges multi use Antibacterial non scratch Set of 36


Multiuse antibacterial scrub sponge removes tough messes.
The sponges are machine washable and can last longer than the average sponge.
(36) SmartCloth Antibacterial Scrub Sponges for cleaning messes in the kitchen, bathroom, home, and office settings.
Safe on non-stick surfaces and cookware.

Has a scrubber side that cleans away oil, dirt, and burn stains.
And a soft side that contains natural antibacterial fibers that help prevent odors.
Dimensions: 3 1/2"W x 5"D x 3/4"H 
Color: 12 Yellow, 12 Blue, 12 Green
Count: Set of 36
Design: Soft and Scruber Sides
Material: Filaments & Fibers
Uses: Cleaning, Scrubbing, and Wiping

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