Stacking Baskets Organizer - Medium - Gold

SKU: 8244308

Smart Design Kitchen Stacking Baskets [Brushed Gold]
Made for organizing and stacking, the Smart Design Kitchen Stacking Baskets are perfect for organizing your family’s fruits and vegetables or canned food items for the pantry or shelves!
With the easy-to-carry handles, you can maximize storage space and make traveling a breeze with these stacking baskets.

Package Includes
Set of 2 Steel Baskets with Handles.
The sturdy steel design holds up to 10 lbs. safely and allows you to place alongside cabinets, shelves, and compact areas for even more space saving room.
For Fruits and Vegetable, Food Items, Cans, and More.

Features and Benefits
Design made to stack for kitchen, bathroom, shelves, and pantry storage.
Handles are perfect for traveling and space saving organization.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 12.6(L) x 6.25(W) x 5.5(H) inches
Size: Medium
Weight: 1.63 lbs.
Holds: Up to 10 lbs.
Color: Brushed Gold
Material: Steel Metal Frame

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