Sweater Dryer Rack w/ 4 Legs - Flat - VentilAir Breathable Mesh [White] - Set of 6

Smart Smart Design Stackable Sweater Dryer Rack [White] - Set of 6
The perfect laundry accessory for drying sweaters without stretching or damaging them.
Now you can hang a wet sweater and allow gravity to stretch it out.
With this rack, sweaters lay flat for easy and faster drying.

Package Includes
Stackable Sweater Dryer Rack for drying and hanging sweaters and other clothing garments.
The rack is stackable so you can order multiple to save space and time by having multiple sweaters dry at the same time.

Features and Benefits
The surface is made of flat VentilAir breathable mesh material for fast and easy drying.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use and the rack is rust and stain proof.

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