3 Tier Kitchen Wrap Organizer

SKU: 8405188


Smart Design 3-Tier Kitchen Wrap Organizer. Kitchen Wrap Organizers can easily and conveniently store all of your kitchen wraps together in one place. For storing up to nine wraps, this organizer can help organize your kitchen space. See all of your wraps, foils, bags and other long boxed kitchen items together in one place and right at your fingertips.

3 Tiers maximize the pantry or counter space in your kitchen by storing up to 9 wrap boxes.
It has a rust resistant finish and a sturdy frame for durability.

Dimensions: 10"W x 6 1/2"D x 7"H
Stores: 9 Kitchen Box Wraps
Material: rust resistant Finish Sturdy Frame
Weight: 11.2 oz.

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