Drawer Organizer - (3-Compartment) - Steel Metal Mesh Tray [Silver]

Smart Design Steel Mesh Drawer Organizer (3 Compartment) [Silver]
The drawer organizer trays are durable and sturdy, allowing you to use these drawer organizers for a variety of applications and organize a variety of items,
including: flatware, kitchen utensils and gadgets, craft supplies, keys, batteries, small tools, mail, stamps, office supplies and anything else you can think of around your home.

Package Includes
Steel Drawer Organizer w/ Interlocking Ends is ideal for drawer storage and organization.
Perfectly designed for space-saving storage w/ interlocking ends for multiple Smart Design steel tray connections.

Features and Benefits
Made from high quality steel w/ bottom rubber feet to prevent sliding as drawers open and close.
Three slots separate forks, knives, & spoons.
Comes in various sizes and colors and has an easy to clean mesh design.

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