Expandable Dish Drainer with Adjustable Arms

SKU: 8106718


Smart Design Expandable Dish Drainer with Adjustable Arms. This is the perfect dish ware, silverware and glassware dryer and organizer for your kitchen. The drainer is allowing you to keep all of your clean kitchen dishes organized while drying over the sink. Ideal kitchen storage solution for kitchen sinks.

Includes extendable arms with grips to prevent sliding and organizing and drying your silverware.
A sharp stainless steel finish looks good on any kitchen sink and plastic grips protect the counter against scratches and nicks.
Dimensions: 141/4"W-193/4"Wx 8 1/2"D x 11/2"H
Color: Stainless Steel
Material: Steel Metal Frame
Weight: 0.5 lbs.

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