Mini Fridge Organizer w/ 12 Pockets - Black

Smart Design Mini Fridge Storage Organizer [White]
This Mini Fridge Storage Organizer is the perfect storage solution for your dorm, garage, or storage room.
The design allows you to add additional storage over any mini fridge to store your spices, cutlery, plates, and more

Package Includes
Smart Design Mini Fridge Storage Organizer w/ 12 Pockets
For storing plates, utensils, bottles, and more.

Features and Benefits
Includes 12 pockets w/ sturdy heavy duty polyester for constant use.
Made from easy to wipe down heavy duty polyester material.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 12(W) x 53.5(H) inches
Color: Black
Material: Heavy Duty polyester
Pockets: 12

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