Refrigerator Pull Out Bag Hanging Drawer & Home Organizer

SKU: 8447498


Smart Design Refrigerator Pull Out Bag Hanging Drawer and Home Organizer [Clear]Organize your entire refrigerator and instantly create more space using this patented pull out bin. Create instant pull out space for your kitchen pantry, closets, garage and entire home.
Package Includes Bag Hanging Refrigerator Pull Out Bin and Home Organizer. Fits most standard size refrigerator shelves; measure shelf dimensions for proper fitment. Great for storing food in your refrigerator, organizing clothing in your closet or creating more space in your garage.

Patented design is made from BPA free plastic making it refrigerator and freezer safe.
Holds up to 15 pounds and comes fully assembled for a quick and easy install.

Dimensions: 14.625-26(D) x 9.625(W) x 3.125-3.75(H) inches Fits: Minimum Fridge Shelf Depth 13.75" Size: Medium Holds: Up to 15 lbs.

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