Spiral Delicates Lingerie Wash Bag w/Safety Zipper - White

SKU: 3300115

Smart Design Spiral Delicates Lingerie Wash Bag [White]
Spiral Frame Wash Bag protects multiple types of lingerie and clothing.
The design allows for constant water flow for quick and even drying.

Package Includes
Spiral Frame Wash Bag which protects your lingerie, delicates, sweaters and baby clothes from the rigors of the wash cycle.
This bag features a easy pull zipper ring, secure closure and hanging loop for storage when it is not in use.
The spiral frame protects delicates from wash to wash.

Features and Benefits
The heavy-duty mesh material allows for constant water flow, making sure all of the clothing is cleaned thoroughly.
Its strong and secure zipper will keep clothes intact in the washer and dryer; no need to worry about the clothes falling out.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 16(L) x 6(W) x 6(H) inches
Includes: Spiral Mesh Lingerie Wash Bag
Color: White
Material: Heavy-Duty Mesh Material
Holds: Delicates & Clothing Items

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